96FO In-line Fiber Optic Splice Closure | GJS-H2012

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 ■ Applicable for the FTTx project and provide mechanical protection for a fiber management system that includes the functions of splicing, patching, and passive component integration.
 ■ Rated to IP68. Suitable for aerial, manhole, direct bury, and wall-mounted.


 ■ Housing is made of high-quality engineering plastic, which has good mechanical performance and hydrolysis resistance, chemical resistance.
 ■ The fiber curvature radius is greater than 40mm.
 ■ Perfect fiber management – Clear fiber function division and fiber routing.
 ■ Available for both Wall-mount and Pole-mount.


Part No.GJS-H2012Dimensions (L x W x H )460 × 195 × 118 mm
Color CodeBlackMaterial of HousingPlastic
Protection class IPIP68
Main Cable Ports2Drop Cable Ports8 + 4
Splice Capacity48/96 FO
Number of Splice Trays4 pcs (Max.)Number of Adapters 
Suitable Splitter Mount Way Direct Burial


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